Squadron Resolution Celebrates New York Immigration Coalition's 25th Anniversary as Push Continues for NY Dream Act

Squadron Joins Students, Advocates to Urge Passage of DREAM Act Before End of Session

ALBANY -- State Senator Daniel Squadron celebrated the 25th anniversary of the New York Immigration Coalition with a resolution adopted by the Senate yesterday, while urging passage of the New York DREAM Act before the end of the legislative session.

Squadron highlighted NYIC's work to "bring together under its umbrella groups that are doing extraordinary grassroots work on the ground, and also to be a force and voice for immigrant communities that are so fundamental to who we are as a state."

"The greatness of our country is the greatness of the constant rejuvenation and regeneration that we get from immigrants," Squadron continued. "As we know, too often it is too easy to use immigrant communities and populations to score cheap political points or divide one neighbor against another. The New York Immigration Coalition ensures that doesn't happen."

Squadron also highlighted the urgency of passing the NY DREAM Act before the end of this legislative session, in order to "expand opportunity to those who are here, who have come here to make a new life and simply want to have educational opportunity." 

Squadron is the original co-sponsor of the legislation, which is sponsored by Senator Bill Perkins and would provide financial aid and other benefits to undocumented youth who meet certain criteria. The legislators joined NYIC members earlier in the day to rally for passage. 

"Each one of us has the immigrant story, whatever our personal story is. Our future is inevitably going to be an immigrant future and, if it's not, it won't be much of a future at all," said Squadron.

The resolution can be read here. 

Video of Senator Squadron's full remarks on the Senate floor is available here.