Squadron Responds to Suny's Withdrawal of Lich Closure Plan

BROOKLYN -- State Senator Daniel Squadron, who represents Long Island College Hospital (LICH) and its surrounding communities, released the following statement upon the State University of New York's decision to withdraw its closure plan for LICH. Instead of pursuing the closure plan, SUNY will work on securing a sustainability plan without an active closure plan on the table -- creating the possibility of collaborative process:

It's good news that SUNY is withdrawing its closure plan for LICH. Now there's a real opportunity for a collaborative process that engages the community and local leaders on LICH's future.

We've been making our voices heard loud and clear: LICH is vital to Brooklyn. And it's clear we're being heard.

As nearly the entire Brooklyn delegation wrote last week, it's critical that any decision on LICH's future includes community and legislative input. I continue to urge the state to form a working group to ensure those voices are a key part of the process.

This is a positive step on SUNY's part and I urge the state and SUNY to continue to work with us to ensure that the needs of our community and all of Brooklyn are met.