Squadron, Sponsor of Aggravated Domestic Violence Legislation, Welcomes Domestic Violence Omnibus Bill

ALBANY -- Today, State Senator Daniel Squadron welcomed an agreement on a domestic violence omnibus bill, including an "aggravated family offense" provision similar to the legislation he introduced last year. The Squadron legislation was dedicated to fallen NYPD Officer Alain Schaberger, who was killed last year responding to a domestic violence call in Boerum Hill in Squadron's district, by an abuser with a 12 year history of offenses. Both the Squadron legislation and today's omnibus bill would make two domestic violence offenses in five years a Class E felony crime.

Senator Squadron released the following statement:

This sweeping domestic violence legislation is an important step toward providing victims and families with the protections, dignity, and support they deserve. I'm particularly proud that this bill includes the aggravated family offense provision that I have been pushing with my colleagues for the last two years.

Today, domestic violence abusers are able to rack up offenses without any promise of protection for their victims. The inclusion of the aggravated family offense provision in this bill, which will make two offenses in five years a felony crime, will go a long way toward providing law enforcement with the tools they need to protect victims and families. 

As we continue to fight the scourge of domestic violence, this legislation is a powerful way to honor the memory of Officer Alain Schaberger, who was murdered by a serial offender, and the countless others harmed by domestic violence and its terrible ripple effects. 

I am grateful to Senator Golden and Assemblymembers Rosenthal and Lentol for partnering with me on our aggravated family offense legislation.

Thank you to Governor Cuomo and my colleagues in the Senate and the Assembly for including the aggravated family offense provision in today's agreement, and for continuing to work to protect domestic violence victims and families around New York.