Squadron Welcomes Major New Gun Regulations, Including Assault Weapons Provisions

Daniel L. Squadron

January 14, 2013

ALBANY -- State Senator Daniel Squadron welcomed the passage of new gun regulations tonight. The package includes the major provisions from Squadron's bill to close gaps in New York's assault weapons ban, including a single-feature model that defines an assault weapon as having one dangerous feature (rather than two), the requirement that any existing weapons are registered with the state, and the ability to specify which weapons are not legal, for the first time.

Squadron released the following statement: 

"Tonight, Albany finally answered the call of countless New Yorkers by taking action on the Governor's bill to crack down on gun violence.

"I'm pleased that the bill we passed tonight specifically includes the major provisions from my legislation banning assault weapons. We took a big step toward keeping military-style weapons, like the one used in Newtown and Webster, off our streets. New York will now have a single-feature model, which defines an assault weapon as having one defining dangerous feature, banning these weapons' sale and transfer, as well as their possession unless stringent registration requirements are met. And for the first time the state police will be able to specify which weapons are not legal. 

"In October I urged a special legislative session on gun violence, because we know that the scourge of violence hurts our communities every single day. It's a shame that it took a tragedy on the scale of Newtown for the Senate Republicans to allow these vital gun regulations to come to a vote. 

"And, though today the Governor, the Assembly, and Senate Democrats have succeeded in moving important provisions for which we've long fought, our work isn't done. 

"First of all, the Senate must, once and for all, allow a vote on microstamping. Continuing to block the bill means depriving police of a vital, cost-effective tool to connect shell casings with their guns. A majority of the members of the State Senate support microstamping, and I urge the Senate leadership to immediately bring it to a vote.

"And it's time for action on the national level, including by renewing and strengthening the assault weapons ban. I'm glad that President Obama has committed to strengthening our gun regulations, and I look forward to Vice President Biden's task force recommendations.

"Where Albany has acted, Washington must now act as well."