Squadron Welcomes Mta Funding to Improve G Train


Increased Service is Result of Full Line Review Requested by Squadron & Dilan; Riders Will Also See Less Bunching, End of G Train Sprint

BROOKLYN -- Today, State Senator Daniel Squadron responded to news that the MTA has found funding to increase service along the G train, as reported this morning. The service increase was recommended in the G Train Full Line Review, conducted by the MTA at the request of Squadron and Senator Martin Dilan, and released last week. 

Squadron released the following statement:

"Last week we announced major improvements for G train riders following the Full Line Review we requested. And now, one week later, it seems that increased evening rush service will become a reality, allowing the G to keep pace with skyrocketing growth in Brooklyn and Queens. 

"From more trains to less bunching and an end to the G Train Sprint, G will finally stand for Great News for riders. 
"Yet again, the Full Line Review has proven to be a cost-effective way to make improvements that have a big impact for riders and direct new dollars where they most count. The MTA deserves real credit for quickly finding funding to grow the G -- and I look forward to working with the agency, Senator Dilan, and Riders Alliance to make these improvements a reality."

As a result of the review requested by Squadron and Dilan, and supported by the Riders Alliance, the MTA will:

  • Increase G train service in the afternoon and evening from approximately 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.;
  • Run trains at more even intervals, rather than having some bunched together and some with long waits in between;
  • Stop the 4-car train at the same place on the platform at all times and clearly mark where on the platform the train will stop, as well as rearrange benches and other station elements so that riders wait at the right place for the train -- addressing the notorious "G Train Sprint";
  • Add public announcement systems at the 12 G train stations that currently lack them, so the MTA can update customers in real time when there are service changes; 
  • Make changes to train operations, for example letting trains wait at Court Square with all the doors open longer so that passengers can spread throughout the train instead of bunching together near the one open door
In recent years, Senator Squadron worked with the MTA to create the first-of-their-kind Full-Line Reviews of the F and the L trains. Those reviews resulted in more frequent and on-time trains and newer and cleaner subway cars along the F line beginning in 2009, and increased service along the L line beginning in the summer of 2012. The G Full Line Review marks the third time Squadron has worked with the MTA to review a subway line and find cost-effective improvements.