NYS Senate Republicans Blast Political Assault on New York's Finest

Daphne Jordan

January 14, 2021

AG Lawsuit Attacks Men and Women of NYPD

New York State Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt and members of the Senate Republican Conference today expressed their outrage with New York Attorney General Letitia James’s announcement of a brazenly political lawsuit against the New York Police Department. Today’s announcement comes after last summer’s riots, looting, and senseless other destructive acts were estimated to have cost New York City residents and businesses tens of millions of dollars in property and personal damages. Adding a federal monitor will make the NYPD’s job even more difficult as they deal with a rising crime rate (shootings up 100% in the city), a once in a lifetime pandemic, and a hostile Democratic Legislature that has made anti-cop legislation a priority.

“In a time when the brave men and women of our law enforcement are under constant barrage, today’s announcement by the Attorney General serves as nothing else but a political attack against the NYPD for doing their jobs. Last summer’s riots in New York City were not the result of the NYPD. Last year’s skyrocketing violent crime rates in New York City were not the result of the NYPD. Outside forces, when combined with awful rhetoric and policy coming out of New York City and State Democrats, made for the environment we see today. This lawsuit will do nothing to protect law-abiding New Yorkers and do everything to further undermine New York’s finest. Our conference stands with our NYPD and all local enforcement around the state,” said Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt.

“This lawsuit undermines the difficult work the dedicated men and women of the NYPD perform every day. It sends the wrong message to law enforcement and will do nothing to keep law-abiding citizens safe,” said Senator Patrick M. Gallivan, former Sheriff of Erie County.

“This is a perfect example of the political charades that have New Yorkers fed up with Albany politics. The brave men and women known as ‘New York’s Finest’ never wavered over the past year as they endured unprecedented riots, spiking rates of violent crimes and double the shootings year over year. They continued to do their job as New York’s One-Party-Rule in Albany made their jobs even harder and more dangerous by placing arrested violent criminals into a revolving door from jail back onto the streets under disastrous, so-called ‘reforms.’ Now, the Attorney General is using our men and women of law enforcement as political pawns. Now more than ever, our police officers need assistance from those in power to help keep New York’s families safe. I for one will never waiver from my unapologetic support for our brave men and women and will continue doing my part to ensure we protect those who selflessly protect us,” said Senator Fred Akshar, former Undersheriff of Broome County.