Statement from NYS Senator Daphne Jordan calling for Governor Cuomo’s immediate resignation

Senator Jordan says that the Governor has repeatedly broken the public’s trust and must resign or face bipartisan impeachment “Cuomo must go”

“As I called for Saturday evening, in light of the recent, continued disturbing allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct against the Governor, his ongoing role in covering up New York’s tragic nursing home death toll caused by his disastrous, deadly policy, and new questions about the propriety of his book deal, it’s clear that Andrew Cuomo has broken the public’s trust and must immediately resign.

If the Governor won’t resign then a bipartisan impeachment needs to move forward in the State Assembly. I want to be clear: I am calling for the Governor’s resignation based on a totality of troubling, shocking, and deeply disturbing allegations and revelations.

While the Governor should be afforded due process, the fact remains that he faces six credible accusers claiming sexual harassment, inappropriate workplace behavior, intimidation, and an apparent refusal to follow proper protocols for reporting these serious allegations. I was one of five Republican State Senators who initially called for State Attorney General Letitia James to probe the serious harassment claims made against the Governor by current and former members of his staff. I’m glad to see this necessary investigation moving forward so his many accusers may be heard.

Equally important in my call for the Governor’s immediate resignation is the ongoing Federal Department of Justice investigation into Governor Cuomo’s attempt to cover up his, and his administration’s, complicity in the deaths of 15,000 New Yorkers due to his disastrous, deadly mandate that forced nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients, a terrible edict that led to the virus spreading like wildfire among the most vulnerable.

In addition to all of these concerns, the Governor’s ongoing pattern of lies, deceptions, strong-arm tactics, bullying, incompetence, and utter mismanagement of the State Budget and our State finances, has also proven that he is unfit to remain in office.

I don’t trust Governor Cuomo – and neither do a bipartisan number of New Yorkers who want our state to move beyond the serious ethical, personal, and governmental scandals engulfing this Governor. For the good of our state,  Governor Cuomo must resign, immediately, or face bipartisan impeachment and removal."