Statement from Senator Daphne Jordan on Senate Democratic Majority’s bogus rescission bill: “Faulty product, dishonest customer service, meet the new ‘boss’... same as the old ‘boss’”

“Like many bills in the last two years, Senate Bill S.5357, the measure we voted on during today’s Senate Session, has been deceitfully marketed and falsely advertised. The Democratic Majorities in both houses are selling this as a bill to ‘strip’ the extraordinary emergency powers from Governor Cuomo, who has fallen into scandal and disgrace.

Rather than taking away Governor Cuomo’s emergency powers, this bill extends them. There is no sunset clause or end date. The end is when the Governor decides the State emergency is over. Meet the new ‘boss’... same as the old ‘boss.’

Nothing changes under the Democrat’s sham bill. There will still be one-man rule. The Governor will still control the number of guests you may have in your home for holiday dinners, the hours a restaurant may be open, the food that must be served when ordering a drink in a bar, the shuttering or not of any business.

He will still decide whether your child’s sport team can play, whether your child’s school can be open, whether services for the disabled are on or off and whether or not you are able to go to work. He will still have the power to control every aspect of our lives.

The bill before us still allowed one-man rule, which is antithetical to our democracy.

Today’s bill was a bag of bad goods. I’m not buying it, and neither should anyone else who truly wants to rescind the Governor’s extraordinary emergency powers.”