Statewide Rent Control: A Bad Deal For New York State

A special message from Senator Daphne Jordan

Democrats in the Senate and Assembly have just passed legislation that will bring New York City-style rent control to the entire state. I oppose this approach and joined many of my colleagues in voting “NO.”


This statewide rent control package will do little to create affordable housing for renters and their families. In fact, it’s far more likely to create a housing crisis in communities where no such crisis currently exists! Under their plan, any municipality Upstate, in the Hudson Valley or on Long Island can simply opt-in to rent control, which requires government approval to make the even the slightest modifications to anyone’s rent.


Statewide rent control will create bureaucratic hurdles for owners who want to make necessary improvements to existing units, create more neighborhood blight and reduce property values for entire communities.


The liberal New York City politicians and activists who have championed this shortsighted bill continue doing everything they can to increase taxes and expand the reach of government, while doing nothing to address the real crisis of affordability that is causing so many New Yorkers to flee to other states.


This legislation is merely the latest piece of their radical, socialist agenda – which includes enactment of higher taxes, passage of a “Criminal Bill of Rights,” a get-out-of-jail-free card for cop killers and murderers, and free college tuition, free health care and driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.


What we really need is a more balanced, market-based approach that encourages investment, protects our state’s economy and makes overall housing opportunities more affordable and attainable for everyone.


As the 2019 Legislative Session concludes, you may rest assured that I will continue doing all that I can to make New York more affordable, and to stand up for hardworking taxpayers like you.