Carlucci Passes Bill to Help Streamline Local Government Tax Collection

ALBANY, NY– Senator David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Westchester) announced that the Senate has passed legislation to help streamline local governments by giving them the ability to automatically deduct property tax payments from individual taxpayer bank accounts.  Carlucci's bill S4081, will give local governments the authority to accept payments directly from an individuals bank account in the same way that many utilities and other bills are paid by consumers. 

"Many localities are already equipped to take payments by internet for various services from parking tickets to park pass payments. Allowing residents to pay property taxes in the same fashion should really not take more than the flip of a switch. In passing this bill, we are flipping that switch and giving local governments another tool at their disposal to streamline what they do and focus on providing quality services for taxpayers," Carlucci stated.

Taxpayers would not be mandated to pay property taxes this way but could opt to do so.

"Taxpayers are consumers of services and they have a right to an efficient payment process. Allowing taxpayers to automatically have property tax payments deducted from their accounts is a consumer friendly step to take that relies on readily available and widely used technology," Carlucci concluded