Carlucci Urges State Parole Board to Reject Judith Clark's Application

(NYACK, NY) – Senator David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Westchester) is urging the New York State Parole Board to reject Clark’s impending application for early release.  After Governor Cuomo commuted the sentence of Judith Clark, a participant in the 1981 Brinks murders, she will now be able to apply for parole this year.  Senator Carlucci released the following statement upon sending a written request to the Parole Board to reject Clark’s application.

“Commuting Judith Clark’s sentence is deeply disturbing.  Her terrorist crimes deserve no special treatment.  The victims of her acts received no mercy and neither should she.  I’ve sent a letter to the parole board urging them to reject Judith Clark’s application for parole.  Allowing this murderer back on our streets is a slap in the face of the victims’ families and law enforcement.”


Full Letter Attached