An E-Z Resolution: Senator Carlucci Helps Waive Fine for Commuter

David Carlucci

January 17, 2012

NANUET – Senator David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Orange) today announced that his office has won a hard-fought battle with E-Z Pass by waiving a costly administrative fee imposed on Nanuet resident and Tappan Zee Bridge commuter Bruce Cohen.

The issue originally stemmed from a system error that prevented Mr. Cohen from being notified that his account balance was below the required amount permitted to travel through an E-Z Pass toll.  After visiting the E-Z Pass walk-in center twice, as well as making three phone calls to its toll free number, Mr. Cohen was surprised to get the same response from E-Z Pass: ‘write a letter.’  After writing two letters to E-Z Pass explaining his situation, he was told they could not assist him and was sent additional copies of his bill in the amount of $200.

Last August, after exhausting all options, Mr. Cohen contacted Senator Carlucci’s office to find a resolution into his ongoing matter.  The Senator’s office then wrote a letter to E-Z Pass asking to waive the administrative fee since Mr. Cohen had already paid for the tolls he had passed through.

“This case clearly demonstrates the need for E-Z Pass to be more responsive when consumers need their issues resolved in a timely fashion,” said Senator Carlucci.  “I am pleased that Mr. Cohen is now able to be clear of this infraction and inconvenience.”

Mr. Cohen was notified that his issue had been resolved by last November.

"My hope is that E-Z Pass gets a wake-up call so in the future commuters like myself don't have to jump through hurdles to get an issue resolved," said Bruce Cohen.  "I want to thank Senator Carlucci and his staff for being so attentive and working with me to fix this problem."