PRESS RELEASE: Senator Carlucci Announces 5-Point Jobs Plan to Put New Yorkers Back to Work

David Carlucci

October 04, 2012

Senator Carlucci Announces 5-Point Jobs Plan to Put New Yorkers Back to Work

Small Businesses and Consumers Will Benefit from Targeted Tax Relief Measures and Regulatory Reform Proposals

Senator Carlucci: “We need tax and regulatory policies that will help make New York more competitive in the global economy”

ORANGEBURG, NYSenator David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Orange) today was joined by small business owners and local elected officials at Nice-Pak, Inc., to announce his 5-Point Jobs Plan, a comprehensive blueprint for action that will jumpstart the economy and create jobs here in the Hudson Valley. 

His proposals come at a time when the statewide August 2012 unemployment rate of 9.1% is higher than the national average, according to data recently released by the New York State Department of Labor.  The results show that Rockland, Westchester, and Putnam Counties have a combined unemployment rate of 7.5%, up from 6.7% in August 2011.

“If New York wants to attract the best and the brightest, we need tax and regulatory policies that will help make New York more competitive in the global economy,” said Senator Carlucci.  “By taking action at the state level, we can help provide the right incentives for businesses to hire and give our economy a much needed shot in the arm.”

After months of analysis and consultation with experts, Senator Carlucci has put forth a package of detailed policy reports, legislation, access to technology, and targeted investment in growth industries that will shape New York’s economic future.  They include:

  • Tax Cuts – Senator Carlucci has supported legislation that will provide small businesses with a tax rate cut from 6.5% to 5.2%  -- a 20% reduction altogether.  This will help small businesses invest and grow their operations.  At the same time, Senator Carlucci is committed to repealing the MTA Payroll Tax in its entirety to save even more money.
  • Tax Credits – Senator Carlucci has pushed legislation that will incentivize employers to hire veterans and unemployed New Yorkers through targeted tax credits.  This plan would provide an enhanced tax credit of up to $10,000 to any business that hires a unemployed veteran returning home from military service.
  • Regulation Reform – Senator Carlucci has compiled a detailed policy report showing how New York can reduce red tape and cut down on bureaucracy so that small businesses and entrepreneurs can thrive.  In a February 2012 report entitled, “Easing New York’s Regulatory Burden: Promoting Business, Protecting the Public,” Senator Carlucci joined his Senate colleagues in outlining some of the most costly rules and regulations in state government, including ways in which state government can reform the process.
  • Energy Costs – Senator Carlucci is leading the fight to prevent costly energy hikes here in Rockland County, which is why he favors repealing the onerous 18-a assessment levied on utility companies, which winds up being forced onto consumers to pay.  At the same time, he is committed to continuing to invest in clean energy technology and find alternative energy sources that will power us into the 21st century.
  • Job Promotion – Senator Carlucci is working to provide more access to state of the art technology to help jobseekers link up with employers.  Through innovative programs like Jobs Express, this will help boost local hiring and grow our economy.


Since then, similar legislation has been modeled off of that proposal in the Senate, providing additional enhanced tax credits of up to $10,000 for those businesses that hire veterans.

Stemming from his Senate conference report, Senator Carlucci, who serves as Co-Chair of the Administrative Regulations Review Commission (ARRC), outlined specific legislation to deal with unwarranted regulations that hurt the business climate in New York.  He sponsored two standout pieces of legislation, one of which (S.4816/A.7445) was signed into law:

  • S.4816 (Carlucci) / A.7445 (Lavine) – Provides a cure period in regulations affecting small businesses and local governments.  This bill requires agencies, when adopting rules that involve the assessment of penalties on small business or local governments, to consider including a ‘cure period’ that will allow time for correction or amelioration of violations prior to the imposition of penalties.
  • S.6447-B (Carlucci) / A.9274-B (Lavine) – This bill continues for four more years the improvements made to agency regulatory agendas, and would improve the effectiveness of the current “5-year review” process by providing for better outreach and more timely initial review of rules that impact small businesses and local governments.


For a complete listing of all regulatory reports, please visit Senator Carlucci’s website at  

Steve Weissblatt, President of the New City Chamber of Commerce, said: "Senator Carlucci's Jobs Plan is a solid proposal that will ensure communities like New City attract new businesses and ultimately expand our local tax base."

Kevin Hardy, President of the Pearl River Chamber of Commerce, said: “I am supportive of any initiative that has a chance of moving the economy forward especially in our own community. Small business in this country has suffered enough and it is time for government to recognize the incredible burden placed on small business and seek ways to allow us the freedom to drive this economy back to prosperity.”

Robert Julius, Chairman of Nice-Pak Products in Orangeburg, said: “Senator Carlucci’s proposed legislation is designed to encourage employment in New York by helping small businesses, which are the heart of our economy, as well as incentivize businesses to hire veterans.  His on-going efforts to make New York State an easier and better place to do business are commendable.  Eliminating wasteful laws and updating legislation to make owning and operating a business here less difficult should be a primary focus of our government.  Senator Carlucci is at the leading edge of this.  He knows that this results in the growth of jobs in New York State and increases in tax revenue paid by successful businesses here.”

Max Crisp, Owner of American Burrito in New City, said: "Senator Carlucci understands the needs of the small business community and the challenges we face to remain competitive in today's economic climate.  These proposals laid out will help small businesses like mine hire new workers and increase our number of customers."

Jennifer White, Mayor of the Village of Nyack, said: "It is incredibly important during these difficult times that our legislators turn their eyes toward the creation and the protection of jobs.  Senator Carlucci clearly understands this crucial commitment to the people he represents."