Senator Carlucci Calls on the Public Service Commission to Reject Costly Rate Hike Proposal by United Water

NEW CITY  – Senator David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Westchester) today joined with Rockland residents to urge the state Public Service Commission (PSC) to formally reject United Water’s latest rate hike proposal dealt to its customers.   If allowed to proceed, by next June, this would saddle an average family of four with an annual increase of $144 dollars per year on their water bill.  This means that a family can see their total water bill payment skyrocket to an astonishing $880.71 annually.

“This rate hike proposal has officially gone off the deep end, leaving consumers to drown in skyrocketing costs that they cannot afford,” said Senator Carlucci.  “It’s outrageous that Rockland residents – who already pay some of the highest utility bills in the region – will be asked to fork over even more money during these tough economic times.  I strongly urge the Public Service Commission to reject this request and urge United Water to reconsider this ill-advised plan of action.”

Last month, United Water sought permission from the PSC to tack on an additional $4.96 monthly surcharge for a four-person family bill that would begin in August, totaling $59.54 per tyear. The company is determined to use such revenue to cover its costs with its bid to build a controversial desalination project in Haverstraw while others, including Senator Carlucci, have instead asked for an issue conference to convene before the project is to move forward.

In July 2010, United Water received approval from the PSC for a three-year rate plan increase for residential and commercial customers in Rockland and Orange Counties.  The company was authorized to implement an average increase in quarterly water service of $76.43 per day in its first year; a $100.04 in its second year; and $106.28 in its third year.  Now, the company is seeking additional rate increases on top of its continuous trend upward.

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