Senator Carlucci Cuts Red Tape: Allows Senior Resident the Once in a Lifetime Chance to Attend her Granddaughters Wedding

David Carlucci

December 04, 2013

Nanuet, NY – Senator David Carlucci (D, Rockland/Westchester) announced today that his office successfully advocated for a local senior citizen, Dora Russo, who was hitting a road block with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  

Mrs. Russo’s granddaughter was married in Florida last week which should have been an occasion to celebrate. Considering Mrs. Russo needed a non-drivers id to board the flight down to Florida, Mrs. Russo and her daughter Janet Rivera contacted the DMV several weeks before the flight to fill out the necessary paperwork. After several weeks navigating through bureaucratic red tape with the DMV the agency refused to issue an ID because Mrs. Russo’s original birth certificate did not have Dora’s first name, a mistake that was made and never rectified in 1919.

With two weeks until her granddaughters wedding day, Mrs. Rivera contacted Senator Carlucci’s office to see what could be done to allow Mrs. Russo to attend her granddaughters wedding.

Senator Carlucci’s office quickly jumped on the issue and called the New York City Department of Vital Records to obtain a new birth certificate and have the name discrepancy rectified. The Department explained they did not start keeping records until 1922 and did not have the original document. Senator Carlucci’s office then tried contacting Dora’s elementary school to obtain school records which was another dead end considering Dora’s elementary school is no longer in existence.

Mrs. Rivera and the Senator’s office then worked to locate every other document Dora has (social security card, utility bills, an old expired license) and advocated to have the DMV accept those materials. The Senator’s office then had the non-drivers ID expedited and overnighted to Mrs. Russo two days before their flight on that Friday.

“I am proud to have helped Mrs. Russo and her daughter cut through bureaucratic red tape and advocate to allow Mrs. Russo the once in a lifetime chance to attend her granddaughters wedding,” Senator Carlucci said. “Residents should not have to jump through hoops every time they deal with State government, especially in a situation where a grandmother would have missed out on her granddaughters wedding.”

Dora Russo said, “Without Senator Carlucci I may have missed out on the chance to witness my granddaughter’s wedding. I am so grateful that the Senator was able to expedite my I.D. Without his quick response, I would have missed her wedding and would have been extremely disappointed. Instead, I have memories that will stay with me forever.”

Janet Rivera said, “We wish to thank Senator Carlucci and his staff for supporting so many important causes that affect Rockland families, especially those causes that affect the senior population. Thanks to the Senator's quick response my mom was finally was able to obtain her I.D. two days before the wedding. Mom had a great time at the wedding and we will be always be grateful to Senator Carlucci for creating this memory for our family.

Residents who are having issues dealing with State agencies are encouraged to call Senator Carlucci’s office at845-623-3627 or email at


Left to Right:Janet Rivera (Daughter)Joe Rivera (Janet Husband)Dora Russo (Constituent)Senator Carlucci