Senator Carlucci Hosts Screening of the Film Gasland

David Carlucci

May 09, 2011

 Senator David Carlucci on Friday, May 6th hosted a screening of the documentary Gasland by filmmaker Josh Fox who was asked to lease his land for hydrofracking.  The film follows his travels exposing the dangers and hazards related to gas drilling.

Over 60 people attended this important event to inform the public about the potential dangers of hydrofracking. 

“Gasland is a powerful eco-documentary that carries a vitally important message,”  Senator Carlucci said.  “As we all know, New York State is in need of alternative energy sources, revenue and jobs.  However, when there is a possibility of contaminating the environment and the drinking water for close to 10 million people, we cannot make a rash decision based on economic factors alone.  Once our drinking water and our environment  is contaminated, the damage is done.  There can be no going back.  We must protect our environment and not allow any hydrofracking to go forward until we are absolutely certain it will not cause irreparable damage for our residents and our environment.”

Please follow this link to view the trailer of the film: