Senator Carlucci Passes bill to Help Prevent Overdose Deaths

David Carlucci

March 27, 2014

ALBANY- The New York State Senate today passed legislation to help save lives by increasing access to a highly effective antidote for accidental drug overdose known as Naloxone or Narcan. The bill (S6477B), allows authorized health care professionals to issue non-patient specific orders for Naloxone to certified training programs and pharmacies, which could then distribute the Naloxone kits and instruct how to properly administer it. If timely administered, Naloxone can prevent an overdose death.

Senator Carlucci said, "We can no longer ignore the fact that there exists a frightening heroin epidemic that is plaguing our communities and putting our children at risk.  Heroin does not discriminate and sadly affects too many New Yorkers irrespective of all backgrounds. Instead of turning a blind eye to a growing problem, now is the time to address solutions that will enable us to focus on prevention and treatment options for those who have fallen prey to addiction.  This piece of legislation passed today in the State Senate will save lives.”

Senator Carlucci has also been named Vice Chair of the of the Senate’s Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Addiction to examine the rise in use of heroin and other opioids in New York State and develop recommendations for treating and preventing addiction. The task force will hold forums in communities across the state to solicit input from stakeholders and experts and use the information collected to develop recommendations for legislative action. 

Senator Carlucci continued, “This bipartisan task force will allow us to begin having a thoughtful discussion and solicit suggestions on how we can develop a comprehensive approach to rid ourselves from this deadly drug.”