Senator Carlucci Presented Jawonio With $75,000 In State Funding

David Carlucci

October 23, 2018

Spring Valley, NY – Senator David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Westchester) announced on Tuesday (10/23) that he secured $75,000 in state funding in this year’s budget for New City based social services organization Jawonio. Senator Carlucci presented Jawonio's CEO, Jill Warner with a large check and thanked the non-profit for their work helping people with developmental disabilities, behavioral health challenges, and chronic medical conditions.

“Funding for mental health services is paramount, and we need to make sure people who are getting help do not relapse. This funding will ensure Jawonio can offer an outpatient treatment program that helps people recovering from mental illness by giving them the support they need to lead healthy and productive lives,” said Senator David Carlucci. 

The state funding will specifically go towards Jawonio’s Transitions Outpatient Program. The program offers help and support to people recently discharged from inpatient behavioral health units as well as those who would otherwise require emergency room or inpatient hospital services.

"We thank Senator Carlucci for securing this state funding because it's critical to our mission of helping people in an outpatient setting. Currently, Jawonio is in the midst of an $18 million construction project to improve our campus, which will increase our capacity and make room for more programs and people with special needs. We can focus on this project entirely, knowing the funding for this critical program is there," said Jawonio's CEO Jill Warner.

“As a result of Sen. Carlucci’s ability to secure a State Legislative Grant, Jawonio has been able to establish an Intensive Outpatient Program as part of our Behavioral Health Services,” said Dr. Joe Zweig, Jawonio’s Director of Behavioral Health Services. “This program provides targeted psychotherapeutic services in a community- based setting over a six to eight week period. This is significant because it filled a high priority need identified by the County over the past several years. It is even more significant because it has helped over 100 people receive intense services that in many cases, could have required emergency room or inpatient treatment, thereby saving Rockland thousands of dollars each month while providing many of our neighbors with an opportunity to overcome short term behavioral health challenges while remaining in the community.”

Unfortunately, patients who leave psychiatric facilities are at a 30% greater risk for re-hospitalization if not seen for follow up care within 7 days of discharge. 

Dr. Zweig said that the wraparound services provided by the Transitions Outpatient Program and its focus on community support help people reintegrate into society successfully.