Senator Carlucci’s Voting Reform Bills Passed in The New York State Senate

David Carlucci

January 15, 2019

Albany, NY - The New York State Senate passed two voting reform bills sponsored by Senator David Carlucci on Monday, the first full day of the 2019 Legislative Session.

Both bills were part of the Senate Democratic Majority Conference's election reform package, which was aimed at improving New York State’s broken electoral system.

The first bill (S.1099) allows voters to move anywhere in the state and be automatically registered to vote.

The second bill (S.1100) allows 16-and 17-year-olds to pre-register to vote and requires local boards of education to adopt policies to promote student voter registration and pre-registration.

“These bills are a small change for bureaucracy and a giant change for democracy,” said Senator David Carlucci.

Both bills were passed in the Assembly, and are now on the Governor’s desk.

Governor Cuomo has said he intends to sign these bills into law.