Senator David Carlucci And Senate Majority Fight Against Off-Shore Drilling

Albany, NY -- Senator David Carlucci, together with the Senate Majority, passed historic legislation to ban oil and natural gas drilling in New York's coastal areas. The legislation (S.2316), sponsored by Senator Kaminsky, will protect New York’s coast from the Trump Administration’s dangerous offshore drilling expansion efforts.

"New York’s coast must be protected. Offshore drilling will only expose our coastal communities to potential oil spills, which can cause a costly environmental nightmare. In New York, we will keep our offshore communities safe and not accelerate climate change, as we look to increase renewable energy," said Senator Carlucci.

The legislation supported by Senator Carlucci will update New York State's decades-old laws regulating oil and natural gas drilling. Specifically, this legislation prevents conveyances, leases, and acquisitions of land for offshore oil and gas.