Senators Carlucci, Avella Urge Passage of Boating Safety Bill

David Carlucci

August 08, 2012

State Legislation (S.7199) Would Provide Financial Incentives, Reduce Insurance Premiums for Completing Boating Safety Course

New York State Senators David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Orange) and Tony Avella (D-Queens) today offered their support for legislation that will offer a reduction in insurance premiums for New Yorkers that choose to take boating safety courses.  The idea is a based on a carrot-and-stick approach that would reward individuals for learning how to properly operate a boat or vessel, with the goal being a renewed focus on accident prevention.

Currently in New York, a boating safety course is only mandatory for those younger than 18, or anyone operating a personal watercraft.

The call for action comes as state and local officials on Long Island are deliberating ways to prevent future boating accidents from occurring on New York’s waterways after the tragic death of three children that were killed in a July 4th boating accident.  In the wake of this tragedy, State Senator Carl Marcellino (R-Nassau) today is holding a hearing on potential legislation that can be adopted in the state Legislature.

“Just like drivers can receive an insurance rate reduction when they take a Defensive Driving Course, this legislation applies the same concept to boating so we can prevent future accidents and protect our waterways,” said Senator Carlucci.  “We have witnessed enough tragedy this summer with many who have lost their lives.  This legislation is a reasonable incentive for those who want to enjoy our waterways in a safe and responsible way.”

Senator Carlucci introduced a bill (S.7199) back in May of this year, which answers the call of numerous local officials and boating organizations at Senator Marcellino’s hearing today, who suggested legislation creating a financial incentive would bring about safer boating operations throughout the state.

Senator Avella has co-sponsored the legislation as well.

“The United States Coast Guard has repeatedly stated that boat operators without safety certificates are more likely to engage in negligent and inappropriate behavior and this combined with operator inexperience account for an overwhelming percentage of all reported boating accidents” stated Senator Avella.  “It is simply unacceptable that New York state does not require mandatory boater safety training and Senator Carlucci’s bill will help in the effort to make sure all boat operators are sufficiently trained by offering this financial incentive through a reduction in insurance premiums.”

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