Statement by Senator Carlucci Regarding Governor Cuomo's Budget Proposal Requiring Access to Backup Generators at Certain Gas Stations in New York

"New York State needs a 21st century approach when it comes to modernizing our energy delivery system.  Today, the Governor made it clear that he supports ensuring that our transportation system is functioning when a natural disaster strikes and residents lose power.  I wholeheartedly support Governor Cuomo's call to require certain gas stations to be pre-wired and have the ability to produce backup power on site.

"Similar to my legislation (S.1208-A) that I introduced in the Senate, we both agree that the state must provide substantial financial incentives to cover the costs of bringing these gas stations into compliance -- particularly those located in strategic locations near major highways and evacuation routes.  We must have the ability to service commuters and not allow the economy to screech to a grinding halt. I look forward to working with the Governor and my legislative colleagues to pass this through the budget."