Statement by Senator Carlucci Regarding the Review by the Public Service Commission Into United Water's Desalination Project

David Carlucci

July 19, 2013

“The state Public Service Commission will finally have a real opportunity to reexamine their initial case findings to see if a long-term water supply project is truly needed for Rockland County.  Since the proposed plan began, new information that would impact the county's water supply has been discovered, not to mention that there has never been a comprehensive study done on the cost effectiveness and alternatives to this plan.  While the cost of this project has more than doubled, consumers remain concerned over this project's final price tag. 

"I believe we must overturn every rock to uncover every bit of science that will benefit future generations to come.  If there are potentially less-costly alternative solutions like conservation, let's find them.  An honest and transparent review is what is needed so that ordinary residents will have a chance to make their voices heard."

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