Independent Democratic Conference Members Sign ‘Clean Conscience Pledge’ in Support of Ethics and Campaign Finance Reforms

First, entire conference to take pledge written by good government groups

Albany, NY — Independent Democratic Conference members collectively signed the ‘Clean Conscience Pledge’ on Tuesday, a written commitment to fortify ethics and campaign finance laws circulated by good government groups Citizens Union, Common Cause and NYPIRG.

Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein (D-Bronx), Independent Democratic Conference Deputy Leader David Valesky (D-Oneida), and Senators Diane Savino (D-SI-Brooklyn), David Carlucci (D-Rockland) and Tony Avella (D-Queens) promised to work to pass legislation to:

  • Limit outside income for legislators;
  • Close the LLC loophole; and
  • Increase transparency in government spending.


“Signing this pledge sends a message to New Yorkers that the IDC is serious about passing ethics reforms. The IDC already carries a package of ethics bills that goes well beyond these promises. Last year, I led by example by divesting from my law firm and called for a ban on outside income. The choice is simple: either serve the public who elected you on a full-time basis or keep a full-time career out of office. We must do everything we can to restore the people’s trust in their public servants,” said IDC Leader Klein.

“Taking this pledge is the right thing to do. The IDC has been at the forefront of working to rebuild the public trust by proposing campaign finance and ethics reforms. We began our fight in  2013, with the “Integrity in Elections Act,” and have continued since with our proposed ban on outside income. The IDC will continue to push these stringent measures that the people of New York desire,” said IDC Deputy Leader Valesky.

“My conscience is clean, which is why this promise is simple. For years, the IDC urged fellow lawmakers to pass measures to ban outside income, place income earning assets in blind trusts and reform the campaign finance system. We will continue to work for the people of New York State to pass meaningful reform,” said Senator Savino.

“When I took my oath of office, I swore to work tirelessly to advance the people’s interests, not advance the needs of special interests. Joining my colleagues, I proudly take the ‘Clean Conscience Pledge’ and will continue to lead by example until comprehensive ethics reform is enacted and New Yorkers faith in their government is restored,” said Senator Carlucci.

“The IDC and I strongly believe in a New York State legislature divorced from systemic corruption and, this year, momentum is on our side. Those trials very publicly exposed the casual corruption within Albany’s status quo and the public is demanding what many of us have spent years fighting for: comprehensive ethics reform. I have been proud to be a leader on ethics, and I am proud to sign this pledge today,” said Senator Avella.

Last month, the IDC relaunched its comprehensive campaign finance and ethics package from 2013 and 2015.

Over the past three years, the IDC has led the way in proposing campaign finance and ethics reform. Last year, the IDC proposed a ban on outside income, with IDC Leader Jeff Klein leading by example and forgoing outside work. That ethics package includes a measure to place income accruing assets in blind trusts, like Congress, and would require full financial disclosure for members who do not serve their entire term.

In 2013, the IDC introduced the “Integrity in Elections Act,” which created a new system for campaign contributions. 

A link to copies of the signed pledges are at the top of this page.