Senate Passes Valesky-Sponsored Legislation to Protect Seniors from Scams

ALBANY - The Senate passed legislation, sponsored by Senator David J. Valesky (D-Oneida), that will protect senior citizens from deception by professionals who use senior-specific designations. The bill requires anyone using such a designation to disclose its source in advertisements and to prospective clients.

In an effort to bring in clients who are seniors, professionals often pursue licensure, registration or some sort of independent designation that requires specialized training in senior issues. However, it is important that seniors are aware of the source of these designations so they can be sure any claim is legitimate.

“A professional could claim to have some sort of senior-specific designation that does not actually exist in an attempt to lure in vulnerable seniors for some kind of scam,” Senator Valesky said. “Disclosures ensure that seniors are armed with knowledge to avoid dishonest individuals and con artists.”

The bill requires disclosures in advertisements that include a description indicating the person has expertise or training in their field with regard to issues specifically related to seniors and that set forth the basis or source of such a designation. The intent is to decrease the number of situations in which seniors are deceived by professionals using senior-specific designations.