Senator Valesky Calls for Reasonable and Rational GOP Leaders to Step Forward

David J. Valesky

June 18, 2009

It has become clear since the court ordered the Senate to negotiate a bipartisan agreement that the current Senate Republicans’ leadership under Pedro Espada is acting in an unreasonable, and even irrational, way. They are unwilling to recognize the reality that the Senate is deadlocked 31-31, and that the only way for us to address critical legislation is through a mutually agreed upon structure that reflects this mathematical reality. 

Instead, the Republican leadership has tried to use the stalemate to establish a powerful grip on the Senate -- one they do not reasonably deserve.  To worsen this absurdity, now these same Republican Leaders are claiming that Pedro Espada possesses a second vote.  It is time for reasonable and rational Senate Republican leadership to step forward and to begin earnest discussions that will help us arrive at a workable solution.  The Senate Democrats have put forth a well-meaning and fair bipartisan structure that will allow us to complete our work now, and lay the foundation for a functioning and fair legislature long into the future. 

In addition, we have stated our ongoing support for significant rules changes, many of which we were in the process of enacting in recent months in a truly bipartisan way.   I call on my partners in that effort to step forward and recognize the reality of this stalemate.

Because, in this stalemate lies an opportunity to remake the Senate in a truly functional and bipartisan way.  To seize that opportunity, we need reasonable and rational Republican leadership in the Senate.  And we need it today.”