Valesky Legislation Promotes Shared Services

Legislation sponsored by State Senator David J. Valesky(D-Oneida) that encourages cooperative sharing of services betweenorganizations passed the Senate.

S3776 extends the agreement for Madison/Oneida BOCES to contract with Madison Cortland ARC for bus and truck maintenance and service for two years. Since 2005, legislation has allowed the cooperative agreement, saving taxpayers nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

Madison-Oneida BOCES has expertise and facilities to conduct the repair and maintenance of larger vehicles (16 buses and two trucks) to Madison Cortland ARC at a lower cost, because of the specialized nature of the repairs, large size of the vehicles and distance to qualified repair shops.

“These two organizations have entered into a cooperative partnership that makes sense for everyone, including taxpayers,” Senator Valesky said. “I am pleased to sponsor common sense legislation like this to ensure people can safely receive the services they need.”

“This partnership between a BOCES and an agency that serves the community is a prime example of the efficiencies that can be achieved to benefit all, including the taxpayer,” Jacklin Starks, Madison-Oneida BOCES district superintendent, said.

“During these difficult fiscal times, New Yorkers must consider every possible way to cut spending without impacting quality, and Madison Cortland ARC and Madison-Oneida BOCES have done it through this program, which is a win-win for everyone,” Ray Lewandowski, executive director of Madison Cortland ARC said.