Hurricane Sandy Emergency Preparedness

PUBLIC TRANSIT: The MTA will shut down all subway, bus, and commuter railroad service at 7 PM, Sunday. Services will resume 12 hours after the hurricane has passed NYC. For the latest information visit

SCHOOLS: All NYC public schools will be closed Monday, October 29. A decision will be made Monday afternoon about Tuesday. Visit for updates.

A mandatory evacuation order is in effect for residents in Zone A
If you live in Zone A, consider staying with friends or family outside the affected area. If you cannot stay with family or friends shelters are open in public schools in Brooklyn at FDR High School and IS 187.
If you want to find out if you live in Zone A, it’s very simple: Just call 311 or go to the City’s website at Type in your address, or give your address to the operator, and they will tell you if you are in Zone A.


EMERGENCY SUPPLY info from the Office of Emergency Management
Keep enough supplies in your home to survive on your own, or shelter in place, for at least three days. If possible, keep these materials in an easily accessible, separate container or special cupboard. You should indicate to your household members that these supplies are for emergencies only. Check expiration dates of food and update your kits when you change your clock during daylight-saving times.
One gallon of drinking water per person per day Non-perishable, ready-to-eat canned foods and manual can opener First aid kit Flashlight* Battery-operated AM/FM radio and extra batteries (you can also buy wind-up radios that do not require batteries) Whistle Iodine tablets or one quart of unscented bleach (for disinfecting water ONLY if directed to do so by health officials) and eyedropper (for adding bleach to water) Personal hygiene items: soap, feminine hygiene products, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc. Phone that does not rely on electricity Child care supplies or other special care items

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call 311 with any questions or visit NYC.GOV Visit NYC Office of Emergency Management website