Avoid Unfair Pricing at the Pump and Save Money on Fuel

Dean G. Skelos

February 25, 2013

As gas prices continue to climb across the nation, we need to make sure that New Yorkers are not getting ripped off by unfair pricing at the pumps.

That is why I wanted to let you know that the Department of State’s Division of Consumer Protection and the Department of Agriculture & Markets are now working together to ensure consumers are properly armed with the tools they need to save money at the pump, including:
New York State Gasoline Price Hotline: (800) 214-4372
A dedicated toll-free hotline providing information on how to report suspected gouging activity. If anyone suspects that a gas station may be artificially raising their prices or shorting the quantity of gas paid for, they are encouraged to call the gas price hotline and report it.
A web-based complaint form where New Yorkers are able to report suspected price gouging or concerns about improper delivery of quantity. 
As gas prices increase, consumers should be cognizant of these simple tips to ensure your vehicle maximizes gas mileage.