Democrats’ Disastrous Budget Continues to Pile on More Taxes and Fees

Dean G. Skelos

September 01, 2009



Drivers Licenses & Registrations to Increase 25% on September 1st

     Senate Republican Leader Dean G. Skelos (R-Rockville Centre), a vocal
opponent to Governor Paterson and Assembly and Senate Democrat’s increase
in fees imposed in this year’s State Budget, called today’s increases in
DMV fees another attack on the hard working people of this State.  These
fee increases take affect starting today, September 1st, 2009 and will cost
the average family about $180.

     “For most of us here on Long Island, our cars are not a luxury, they
are a necessity,” said Senator Skelos.   “Every month brings a new round of
tax and fee hikes that Democrats in the Senate and Assembly forced on New
Yorkers in the state budget.”

     Registration fees are scheduled to increase today for passenger
vehicles, commercial vehicles, trailers, taxis, busses, motorcycles, all
terrain vehicles, construction vehicles, motorboats and custom vehicles.
Drivers licenses and registration fees will go up by 25 percent, creating
an additional cost to New York drivers.

     The average registration fee will go from $44 to $55 and a standard
eight-year license renewal will cost $64.50, up from $50.  In addition,
fees will be increased to re-register vehicles, register custom vehicles
and make photocopies of motor vehicle documents.  Also, starting on April
1, 2010, New Yorkers obtaining or renewing their vehicle registration will
be required to purchase brand new license plates, whether they need them or
not, for $25 - a $10 increase.

     “These increases are another example of the irresponsible budget that
was enacted this year by the New York City Democrats,” said Senator Skelos.
“These “nit-pick” fee increases are hurting all New Yorkers stifling jobs
and economic development at a time when the state should be looking at ways
to create jobs so people can get back to work.”

Please take a moment to sign my on-line petition to let Governor Paterson know that we simply cannot afford any more tax and fee increases.