Senate Passes Bill Allowing Brew-Pub Owners to Also Open Restaurants

Dean G. Skelos

June 12, 2012

The New York State Senate today passed a bill (S.7110), sponsored by Senator Mark Grisanti (R, North Buffalo) that would allow a brew-pub owner to also open a restaurant. 


“I applaud today’s passage of this legislation to allow an individual to own a license for both manufacturing of alcohol and an alcohol retail license, which will create the opportunity for one owner to operate a restaurant and a brew-pub facility,” said Senator Grisanti. “With brew-pubs springing up across the state, it is counterproductive and anti-business to limit entrepreneurs.”

Since the end of Prohibition, New York State has restricted owners of an alcohol manufacturer license from also having a retail license, limiting the ability to open the two types of businesses. The restrictions carried over to owners of brew-pubs who manufacture their own alcohol and also serve food, restricting them from also owning a second restaurant. 


 “This bill is good for jobs, small businesses and consumers.” Senator Grisanti said. “In downtown Buffalo, we support the popular Pearl Street Brewery which not only makes its own beer but serves fine food.  This legislation will pave the way for more flexibility in ownership of restaurants and brew-pubs across the region.” 


“This bill would clear the way for more economic activity and job creation,” Senate Majority Leader Dean G. Skelos said. “Small businesses that are looking to expand should be encouraged and allowed to grow.”

The bill will be sent to the Assembly.