Senator Skelos Invites Nominees for "Women of Distinction"

Dean G. Skelos

March 24, 2010


Annual Program Honors Women's Contributions to Our Community


            Senator Dean G. Skelos today invited local residents to nominate friends, coworkers and neighborhood leaders whose outstanding work on behalf of our communities makes them deserving of special recognition by the state Senate as a New York "Woman of Distinction."


            The Senate will honor distinguished woman from our area and throughout the state at a Albany reception, where each honoree's photograph and biography will become part of a special exhibit proclaiming the special contributions of exemplary New York women.


            "There are remarkable women in our midst whose lives, work or special accomplishments contribute to making our communities better, making our families stronger and serve as special examples to others," said Senator Skelos. "The Senate's 'Woman of Distinction' program provides a special opportunity to honor these women for their achievements and to thank them for the special pride they bring to our communities."


            Previous winners in the annual event have included leading women from the worlds of business, academics and civic life, as well as those who have performed heroic or selfless acts, made significant discoveries or provided examples of personal excellence against difficult odds.


            Women who live in the 9th Senate District are eligible to be considered as a "Woman of Distinction." Special nomination forms are available by contacting Senator Skelos' office at (516) 766-8383, or you may fill out the online version by clicking HERE. Nominations must be submitted by April 16, 2010.


            The "Woman of Distinction" program was created as part of the Senate's celebration of Women's History Month. In addition to recognizing present-day women, the Senate hosts a display in Albany that honors other distinguished women from New York's past, from leaders of the 19th Century suffragist movement to pioneers in education, science and the arts.


            Present-day "Women of Distinction" will be honored in a separate display in May.