Skelos Lauds New Law to Provide Identification of Veteran Status on Drivers License

Dean G. Skelos

October 10, 2012

            Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos today praised a new state law, which he supported, to make it easier for people to identify themselves as veterans by requiring a separate line on New York State Drivers Licenses or Identification Cards to indicate veteran status.

             Often times, veterans do not have an easily available source of identification to prove their status. With this new law, veterans who submit the proper paperwork, such as a DD Form 214, will be provided a new line on the New York State Drivers License or non-driver ID that indicates he or she is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces.

            “I applaud Governor Cuomo for signing this law so that we can make it easier for former service men and women to identify themselves as veterans,” said Senate Majority Leader Dean G. Skelos. “This measure is one way to show veterans we appreciate their service, and a way to ensure they are easily identifiable so that they can receive the benefits they deserve.”

               Many local businesses provide discounts to veterans, and this law provides a more convenient way for veterans to prove their status to a business. Veterans will no longer have to carry multiple forms of identification, as all of their information will be placed on their New York State Drivers License or non-driver ID.

In order to obtain this status from the Department of Motor Vehicles, applicants must submit proof that they were honorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces.

The law goes into effect in one year.