Statement From Senate Co-Leader Dean Skelos

Dean G. Skelos

October 02, 2013

I commend Governor Cuomo for joining Senate Republicans in making tax cuts for middle class families and businesses a top priority.  New Yorkers are overtaxed at all levels of government.  For years, Senate Republicans have been the strongest advocates for cutting taxes to create jobs, help families make ends meet, and make New York State more competitive.


In fact, we’ve been conducting statewide public hearings, led by Senators John DeFrancisco and Carl Marcellino, on the most effective ways to reduce property taxes, simplify the state’s tax code, lower broad based taxes and help businesses create jobs. The hearings conclude this week and our members have already received many strong recommendations.  We are eager to share this information with the Governor.


Senate Republicans have consistently been the strongest voice for tax cuts and reforms including: working with Governor George Pataki to lower broad-based taxes, establish the STAR school property tax relief program and create STAR property tax rebate checks; working with Governor Cuomo to bring state income tax rates to their lowest levels in six decades; speed up the elimination of the 18-a energy tax, and eliminate the MTA payroll tax for most small businesses so they can create jobs.


In addition, by keeping state spending growth under a two-percent cap for the past three years, we have improved the state’s finances and created an opportunity to give money back to taxpayers. To keep the state moving forward, we should enact a plan to permanently limit state spending to no more than two percent.


We look forward to working with the Governor to deliver the tax relief middle-class families need and deserve as part of next year’s budget.