Statement by Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos

Dean G. Skelos

August 04, 2010

Today, Senate Democrats finished voting on a budget that raises taxes by nearly $4 billion when fully implemented, including approval of new income taxes, business taxes and reinstatement of the sales tax on clothing.   It continues a disturbing trend that began when Democrats took control of the Senate last year and raised taxes by more than $10 billion, including elimination of the STAR rebate check and enactment of the MTA payroll tax.  

Over the last two years, Democrats have raised taxes on the average New York family by $5500.


According to a recent report by the Manhattan Institute, Democrats have raised taxes per capita far more than any other State in the nation, including California.  In fact, the report indicates that New York accounts for a whopping 29 percent of all the State tax increases proposed and enacted since 2009.  


Today’s action also completes one of the latest budgets in State history.  What did taxpayers get as a result?  They got higher spending and more taxes, but not a single initiative to create any new jobs or improve New York’s economy.  In fact, Democrats canceled more than $1 billion in business tax credits which are critical to job creation Upstate and on Long Island, while increasing the film production tax credit, which primarily benefits New York City, by $2.1 billion.  


Just like last session, the Senate Democrats have proven once again this year that they are not up to the task of governing.  They’ve failed to responsibly lead on the key issues New Yorkers are facing, added more misery for struggling middle-class families, rolled back reforms intended to open up Albany, and created even more dysfunction and chaos.


Two years ago, Democrats asked New Yorkers to give them control of the State Senate and all the levers of power in Albany.  The results of one-party Democrat rule have been a complete disaster for virtually every New Yorker -  - for businesses, for taxpayers and for middle-class families just trying to get by.   At this critical time in New York’s history, Democrats have failed New York.