Women’s Health Week: New York State is Leading the Way

Dean G. Skelos

May 12, 2014

This week is national Women's Health Week, and that makes it a great time to highlight how the new State Budget for 2014-15 will help to ensure quality health care for women and families throughout New York. 

The new State Budget includes: 

• $25.3 million for Cancer Services Programs; 
• $26.3 million for Nutritional Information for Women, Infants and Children; 
• $2.3 million for the Prenatal Care Program; 
• $4.5 million for Maternal and Child Health; 
• $550,000 for Women’s Health Services; 
• $433,300 for the Adelphi Breast Cancer Support Program; 
• $1.8 million for the Prenatal and Postpartum Home Visitation Program; 
• $34,700 for the Safe Motherhood Initiative; 
• $10.6 million for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention; 
• $1.8 million in increased funding for Rape Crisis Centers, bringing total funding to $3.6 million; 
• $5 million in additional funding for the Spinal Cord Injury Research Board, bringing total funding to $7 million; and 
• An additional $2.5 million for the Doctors Across New York Program. 

The State Budget will also invest billions of dollars in funding to ensure quality hospitals and nursing home facilities in communities across New York State, and includes new legislation to help eliminate “surprise” out-of-network medical bills for consumers.

During National Women's Health Week -- and throughout the year -- New York State continues to lead the way when it comes to protecting and enhancing women's health and wellness.