Savino Announces Scholarships for Italian-American Students

Diane J. Savino

April 04, 2011

 NEW YORK- Senator Diane J. Savino announced today that the New York Conference of Italian-American State Legislators is now accepting applications for $1,500 scholarships to be awarded in June at their Annual Conference Weekend.

“Given the high costs of college, every opportunity must be made by local students and their working families to meet their required expenses with scholarships as well as with student loans, available financial aid, and personal contributions,” said Senator Savino. “I highly recommend that our area’s students apply to the Conference for these prestigious scholarships so that they may hopefully secure as much extra help with their expenses as possible.”

Senator Savino, who is the former President of the Italian-American State Legislators Conference, said the Conference will be awarding four $1,500, two academic and 2 athletic, scholarships to four current or future college students from New York State. Eligibility will be based upon the student’s grade point average, interest in pursuing a higher education, involvement in the local community as well as individual financial need.

“Our conference is very proud of our role in promoting higher education and assisting students in reaching their academic goals and full potential for future success in the global marketplace,” Senator Savino continued. “This year’s recipients will be invited to Albany to receive their scholarship awards in June.”

Area students may request an application by contacting Joanne Carbone at Senator Savino’s office at 718-727-9406. All applications need to be submitted no later than April, 25 2011