Senator Diane Savino’s Ferry Report Card

Diane J. Savino

March 24, 2011

State Sen. Diane Savino dispatched staff to the St. George Ferry Terminal to man a mobile office. They responded to constituents’ queries, complaints and distributed and collected ferry report cards. Curtis HS students assisted in the collection and distribution in the afternoon.

Ms. Savino (D-North Shore) said she’s interested in riders’ opinions of the retail options in the terminals, and what additional amenities they might prefer.

Also, “the last survey highlighted the ferry riders’ discontent with bathroom cleanliness, buses/ferry coordination, smokers and security on the bus ramps,” Ms. Savino said. “I am interested to see what progress, if any, has been made in those areas.”

In that 2009 survey, commuters graded the bathrooms as a C; overall, the ferry got a B-. The information from the ferry report cards was used to prepare a report that was distributed to commuters, elected officials, transportation advocates and City Hall. It was instrumental in the implementation of a “quiet deck” on boats and restrictions on roving preachers.

You can fill out an online report card at the bottom left corner of the website.