Senator Savino and Local 338 Sponsor Turkey Giveaway to Project Hospitality

Diane J. Savino

November 16, 2010


(STATEN ISLAND) State Senator Diane J. Savino (D-I-W North Shore/South Brooklyn) joined forces with the working men and women of Local 338 Retail, Wholesale & Department Store Union (RWDSU) to ensure that every table has a meal, as well as something to be thankful for this upcoming holiday.  

Local 338 RWDSU delivered 30 turkeys to Project Hospitality as part of the union’s larger citywide drive, in which the union gave over 250 turkeys to non-profit soup kitchens and food pantries.   

“At the very heart of Thanksgiving is the idea that those of who can give, should give of themselves to those who are struggling—and this year, there was a lot of struggling.  I am grateful that the working men and women of Local 338 RWDSU  have stepped up again to assist Project Hospitality, one of our Island’s great philanthropic undertakings,” said Senator Diane Savino.

Father Jack Ryan, Director of External Programs for Project Hospitality stated, “Especially this season, when so many families are experiencing major economic problems, the generosity of Senator Diane Savino and Local 338 RWDSU cannot be understated.  Families will eat a meal on Thanksgiving because of their goodness.”

Joseph Fontano, Political Director, Local 338 RWDSU, “Our members feel that, in these difficult times when less and less working families can make ends meet it is important that those of us who can, give what we can.”

Senator Savino and Local 338 RWDSU are encouraging others to donate as well.  You can donate to Project Hospitality by going to their website or by calling (718) 448-1544.