Don’t Be Silenced by Voter Intimidation

The electoral process in New York is closely monitored and fiercely defended. Intimidating voters or any attempts to disenfranchise eligible voters is illegal and has serious consequences. Penalties can range from costly fines, loss of corporate and professional certifications, and prison time, to all of the above. Enforcement and prosecution occur at both the State and Federal level.

Voter intimidation comes in many forms, from personal threats and restricting access to polling sites, to organized disinformation regarding your right to vote. No matter the tactic, the purpose is always to suppress your vote.

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Anyone can be a target of disinformation. It is typically mass communicated through robocalls, postal mail, the internet, or social media. Fear and confusion are common tactics of disinformation. Recent examples include: the information you provide on your mail-in ballot will be used by law enforcement or collectors to find and get you; or that the Centers for Disease Control will use your voter information to force vaccinations upon people. These are all untrue.

  • Disinformation is intentional. The source knows the information to be false. Misinformation is unintentional. However, it’s equally damaging.
  • Always question claims, confirm its source, and convey your findings.
  • Don’t spread it. Stop it.

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First, vote! It’s easier than ever. Second, inform the authorities. If you are eligible to vote, no person can stop you. Avoid confronting intimidators, it could better serve their ends, not yours. If you experience or witness voter intimidation, be sure to note the date, time, and location of the incident. Details matter, and will assist in the prosecution of voter intimidation. Contact the New York State Attorney General online or through the Election Hotline at 1-800-771-7755.