Senate One House Budget Missing Critical Aid to Genesee County

Albany, NY – The Senate One House Budget Resolution was passed on March 15th. The budget resolution amounts to $209.98 billion in spending, however important municipal aid to Genesee County is noticeably missing.  The cut to Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) aid would amount to an $800,000 cut to Genesee County.

“The cut is extremely troubling but even more troubling, the aid is maintained statewide, except for two counties represented by Republican senators. This decision smells like partisan politics that will have detrimental effects to the residents of Batavia and Genesee County. I am hopeful that as budget negations continue this aid will be restored.  Many communities are struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic and to play political games with their aid is appalling,” said Senator Ed Rath.

“VLT aid is critical to the City of Batavia’s continued efforts to revitalize the City and provide critical services to the residents and businesses the City Serves.  We appreciate Senator Rath’s advocacy for communities in Western New York to ensue that we can weather the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and prosper once more,” said Eugene Jankowski, City of Batavia, City Council President.

“Genesee County, Town and City of Batavia provide full public safety to Batavia Downs and patrons. Locally owned and maintained roads are necessary to carry patrons to Batavia Downs.  VLT dollars support these public benefits easing the burden on local property taxpayers.  Our request is to fully restore the VLT dollars of support to Genesee County, Town and City of Batavia in the 2021-22 budget,” said Shelley Stein, Chair of the Genesee County Legislature.

Senator Rath recently wrote a letter to Senate Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins requesting for the aid to be restored.  The Governor proposed eliminating all aid for host communities. The Assembly One-House Budget restored aid to all host communities.