Senator Rath Announces Bill Package to Help Rebuild Economy

Albany, NY – Senator Rath has introduced a package of legislation that would help our recovering businesses to reopen and rehire. 

“Our businesses and local economy have taken a huge hit during the pandemic.  Businesses from restaurants to bowling alleys to hair salons are struggling at no fault of their own.  The goal of this legislation package is to provide some much-needed relief as these businesses work to reopen,” said Senator Ed Rath.

The bills included in this package are S.4691, S.5140, S.S.5141 and S.5408.  S.4691 would create the “Save our Small Businesses Grant Program.” S.5140 would establish a “Hire-Now” tax credit. S.5141 would provide a tax credit for employers who hire individuals previously on unemployment. Lastly, S. 5408 would increase the child and dependent care tax credit. 

“The bills included in this package all focus on instrumental aspects of restarting our economy and helping both those who have found themselves unemployed as a result of the pandemic and the businesses who are working to rebuild,” said Senator Ed Rath.

For more information on all of the bills, please visit