No-Cost Or Lower-Cost Naloxone Now Available At Pharmacies Across New York Beginning Today

Elaine Phillips

August 09, 2017

Today, New York has become the first state in the nation to provide no-cost or lower-cost naloxone at pharmacies under a new initiative that is part of the state’s continued fight against the heroin and opioid epidemic.

“As a member of the Senate’s Heroin Task Force, I wholeheartedly support this new program and believe we need to make this lifesaving tool readily accessible,” said Senator Phillips.  “The heroin and opioid epidemic continues to destroy lives here on Long Island and across the state. To make progress in this fight, we need to provide individuals with the resources to stop the problem.”

“Recently, I hosted a panel discussion in Mineola on heroin and opioid addiction, which brought together law enforcement officials, health care professionals, victims and treatment providers to discuss ways to prevent young people from using these life-destroying drugs,” said Senator Phillips. “The panel brought to light many issues that need to be immediately addressed, including increasing naloxone availability. I am committed to working to improve prevention efforts, as well as increasing access to treatment and expanding recovery options on Long Island.”

Beginning today , individuals with prescription health insurance coverage will receive up to $40 in copayment assistance, which will help alleviate the costs of naloxone, a life-saving medication.  Prior to this new program, New Yorkers could only receive naloxone with a prescription or through a registered opioid overdose prevention program.

“We must continue finding ways to provide prevention methods and treatment options to everyone at affordable rates,” said Senator Phillips.

Senator Phillips  recently met with Steve Chassman, Executive Director of the Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (LICADD) and Anthony Rizzuto, Executive Director of Families in Support of Treatment (F.I.S.T.), to discuss ideas and solutions to the heroin and opioid epidemic.

“We commend Senator Phillips on her leadership for wanting to understand and learn more about the many dimensions to the current opioid epidemic, and I think Long Islanders are grateful to have a Senator committed to leadership and positive change for constituents on New York State,” said Steve Chassman.

“I would like to thank Senator Phillips for her determination and willingness to do everything she can to put an end to the current opioid epidemic,” said Anthony Rizzuto.