Senator Elaine Phillips Announces $162,185 For The Safe Center Li

Elaine Phillips

August 02, 2017

Senator Elaine Phillips announced today that 26 state-approved Child Advocacy Centers, including The Safe Center LI, will share more than $4 million to increase services provided to children who are victims of crimes.

“This funding is critical for providing children who have endured sexual and physical abuse a safe place to begin their journey to recovery,” Senator Elaine Phillips said. “I thank the Governor for helping the children of Long Island. This is a major step in supporting victims and creating a pathway for them to overcome the trauma caused by these crimes.

The Safe Center LI will receive $162,185 in funding.

The funding will be used to purchase and install video recording equipment and for the centers to hire specially trained staff to interview young victims of sexual and physical abuse.

Child Advocacy Centers combine multidisciplinary teams of law enforcement, prosecutors, child protective services professionals, mental health providers and victim advocates with their center staff to help reduce the trauma experienced by child victims, as well as assist their families and provide support for investigations to hold offenders accountable.

The Safe Center LI offers a broad range of services from counseling and housing to advocacy and referrals through a highly trained staff.

“As the staff at The Safe Center LI continues to nurture trauma victims on their road to recovery, I am proud that this funding from the State will aid in their effort,” Senator Phillips said. “I am committed to continuing in our effort to provide children in need with the best possible help.”