Senator Phillips Honors Local 8th Battalion First Responders During Series Of Annual Appreciation Nights

Elaine Phillips

July 30, 2018

Senator Elaine Phillips recently hosted a First Responders Appreciation Night in Port Washington as part of her series of events honoring the brave men and women who risk their lives to protect residents in the 7th Senate District.

“Our local volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel are the foundation of our communities and we cannot thank them enough for their courageous service keeping our families safe,” Senator Phillips said. “While no amount of thanks can express the appreciation we have for our first responders, or underscore the important role they play in our communities, events such as this provide an opportunity to recognize those that go above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you to Chief Brian Vogeley and the Port Washington Fire Department for hosting – and to all first responders for your dedicated service.” 

Honorees included 8th Battalion members of the Port Washington Fire Department, Albertson Fire Department, East Williston Fire Department, Great Neck Alert Hook & Ladder Fire Department, Great Neck Vigilant Fire Department, Williston Park Fire Department and Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department

Port Washington Fire Department

Port Washington Chief Brian Vogeley: “It is comforting to have a senator and more importantly a friend who truly cares about the volunteer fire and ems service within the district that she represents. We thank Senator Phillips for her continued support and look forward to working with her on future projects to help solidify the best fire and ems protection in Port Washington.”

John Olszweski is a 37-year member of the Port Washington Fire Department and an ex-captain and ex-President. Unfortunately, John lost his battle with cancer last week. The award was given posthumously to his family at the event.

Beverly Reese is an ex-President and Charter member of Fire Medic Co #1 and Department Steward.

Albertson Fire Department

Albertson Fire Chief Joel Melamed: “With all the attacks on our institutions, it’s refreshing to be recognized by our political leadership for the contributions that the volunteer firefighters bring to our community. Thank you Senator Phillips for everything you do to help us in our mission to keep the community safe.”

Ex-Chief John Clarke has served the Williston Park FD for over 44 yrs. During that time he also served our country as a United States Marine. He served the department as Lieutenant, Captain, and Warden of Hook and Ladder C0 #2.

Ex-Emergency Rescue Squad Capt. William Batterson has served in the department for over 20 years and currently serves as Secretary to the Rescue Squad and is the PCR quality improvement officer. His countless hours of dedication and service to the department is an example for all our members to aspire to.

Great Neck Alert

Great Neck Alert Fire Chief Carlos Galla: “As Chairman, Mike Green has helped his company for over twenty years. His unparalleled dedication to our company and community is truly notable. I’d also like to recognize Former-Chief James Neubert’s commitment which goes back to his childhood as he followed in the footsteps of his father, Robert Neubert”

Michael Green is a 40-year member of the department who has been devoted to helping people his entire life. He currently a Bay Constable for the Town of North Hempstead and was a Correctional Officer for 26 years. Mike is a trustee and the Chairman of the board for the Great Neck Alert Fire Department.

Ex-Chief James Neubert, who followed in the footsteps of his father by becoming a fire chief, has over 30 years over active service to the department. He has been to thousands of incidents over these years. James has held offices with the Nassau County Fire Commission, along with having held the position as Chairman of the 8th Battalion.

Great Neck Vigilant

Great Neck Vigilant Fire Chief: “We’re honored to recognize David Bloomgarden and Kenneth Sperber for their many years of service to the residents of Great Neck. Both David and Kenneth served in numerous roles throughout our department and played a vital role in support of our mission to keeping our community safe. I’d also like to thank Senator Phillips for acknowledging the efforts of our department and the greater volunteer firefighting community.”

Ken Sperber has served the Great Neck community for nearly 18 years and currently serves as the Sergeant of the Fire Police since 2010 and Vice President since 2016 of the Vigilant Fire Company and a Trustee of the Vigilant Exempt Association, to which he recently was elected after service as the financial secretary since 2015.

David Bloomgarden joined the Vigilant Fire Company nearly 50 years ago after moving into a home around the corner from the firehouse.  David was one of the first Emergency Medical Technicians and Advanced Medical Technicians in the Fire Company and has been recognized a number of times for outstanding medical care during EMS calls and recently received a county recognition for his commitment to the Great Neck Community.

Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department

Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Chief Brian Stone: “On behalf of the Chief’s office, we want to thank Senator Phillips for her continued support of the volunteer fire service and for giving us the opportunity to honor those within our department that go above and beyond what is expected.”

Captain Sean Dolan joined the department in 2007 and has served as the Company Secretary, as a Lieutenant and was elected to Company Captain in March 2017. Sean has been an active member and can always be found training newer members.

Taylor L. Ferreira joined the department’s Ambulance Unit in October 2016 and quickly became one of the unit’s most active members. By March 2017 Taylor had become a New York State Emergency Medical Technician.

East Williston Fire Department

Robert Batterson joined the East Williston Fire Department in 2013 and spends countless hours as a volunteer Engineer working to insure that apparatus and equipment is working order.

Thomas Delaporte joined the department in 1992 and served as Chief and as a Commissioner. He has been an active member of the department for 26 years and has served as Chairman of the 8th Battalion for the Nassau County Fire Commission.

Williston Park Fire Department

Williston Park Fire Chief John Perro Jr: “It was an honor to be here to give these awards to our members John Clarke and William Batterson. They both served many years in the department and set a standard all our members can aspire to.”

Ex Chief John Clarke has served the Williston Park FD for over 44 years and has also served our country in the U.S. Marine Corps.

William Batterson has been a member of the Williston Park Fire Department for 20 years and rose to the rank of Assistant Chief.