Statement From The Senate Republican Women’s Caucus

Elaine Phillips

May 09, 2018

As women lawmakers, we were horrified by the revelations regarding Eric Schneiderman’s abuse of women. The former Attorney General launched his initial campaign for statewide office after taking down Hiram Monserrate and has repeatedly portrayed himself as a supporter of the #MeToo movement and a champion of women. This was a lie -- he was a fraud and a hypocrite. 

Therefore, he should be prosecuted, and the roughly $8.5 million in his campaign account should be donated to programs that help the victims of domestic violence. In addition, any recipient of his campaign funds should donate those monies to domestic violence causes so that some good may come from these abhorrent and indefensible acts.

Senator Betty Little, Caucus Chairwoman
Senator Catharine Young
Senator Patty Ritchie
Senator Kathy Marchione
Senator Sue Serino
Senator Elaine Phillips
Senator Pam Helming