NYS Senator Eric Adams Addresses Bronx Judicial Decision on the Sagging Pants Culture

Eric Adams

July 29, 2010

NYS Senator Eric Adams, sponsor of the billboard campaign throughout Brooklyn to encourage young people to ‘STOP THE SAG - Raise your pants, raise your image!,’ addresses ruling by Bronx judge who dismissed a ‘saggy pants’ summons

 Senator Adams’ statement: “While it is natural for youth to push the limits of what is acceptable, parents in the home and leaders in the community must step up when something is harmful. This sagging pants culture represents an immature disregard for the basic civility, courtesy, and responsibility that our young people should display.

 “I have stated repeatedly that my campaign was an attempt to persuade, not an effort to criminalize. Therefore, I introduced no legislation regarding ‘saggy pants’; current penal law already addresses the issue adequately. New York Penal Law Article 245.00 encompasses ‘public lewdness’ and Article 245.01 encompasses ‘exposure.’ Each provides an appropriate basis for dealing with an extreme in ‘saggy’ garb.

 “As a community, we will ‘Stop the Sag’ person by person by realizing that we must have pride in our appearance, not because of any legislation, but as a social principle. Our youth must demonstrate that they can control their own image and the message they send to peers, authority figures, and potential employers: ‘If you raise your pants, you’ll also raise your image.’”