NYS Senator Eric Adams and Other Elected Officials Join Brooklyn's Pakistani Community to Respond to the Disastrous Flooding in Pakistan and Offer Support to Those Affected by This Terrible Natural Disaster

Eric Adams

August 23, 2010

NYS Senator Eric Adams and other elected officials unite with the Brooklyn's Pakistani community to mobilize assistance for victims of the catastrophic floods in Pakistan. Specifics concerning donations will be distributed at the press conference.

 Senator Adams’ statement: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Pakistan in their time of severe adversity and dire need; I ask my fellow New Yorkers to extend a helping hand.

 "It is in time of tragedy that the nobility and generosity of the human spirit can truly shine through. I know that New Yorkers from all backgrounds will join me in supporting and assisting the millions of people affected by the devastating floods.

 "My office is committed to assisting recovery and relief efforts. My staff and I will continue to monitor the situation. We are working in conjunction with the Council of Peoples Organization (a not for profit organization serving the South Asian community) to provide aid to those in need."