NYS Senator Eric Adams' Bill (S2956A) To Inhibit Quotas For Issuance of Tickets Signed Into Law

Eric Adams

September 01, 2010


NYS Senator Eric Adams marks the signing into law of S2956A, his legislation to prevent the enforcement of ticket quotas in the State of New York


NYS Senator Eric Adams states: “My legislation (S2956A) to address ticket quotas by expanding the current quota provision to include every ticket, summons, and arrest in the State of new York has been signed into law.


“Significantly, the provisions of my bill protect employees from punishment (including reassignment, scheduling change, and any other penalty) as a result of an unmet quota.


“Ticket quotas pressure officers to issue tickets regardless of the appropriateness of the situation, and S2956A expands the quota ban beyond traffic tickets to eliminate quotas for any state, local, or general violation or crime for which a ticket or summons would be issued. It prohibits penalties for failing to meet arbitrary quota requirements. Further, it has the benefit of reducing the number of citizens unfairly ticketed for small violations. The bill helps both law enforcement and the general public by reducing arbitrary and inappropriate enforcement of minor offenses.”