NYS Senator Eric Adams Convenes His 4th Annual 'Cradle to College - Parent Empowerment Seminar' on Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eric Adams

August 23, 2010

NYS Senator Eric Adams, recognizing the importance of the role entrusted to parents in the molding of children’s lives, created, organized, and scheduled a “Cradle to College – Parent Empowerment Seminar: Securing the Future of Our Families” to connect parents with the resources available to assist them. Dozens of meetings were chaired by content area specialists who shared their expertise on career choices, jobs, health, nutrition, financial literacy, public safety and education.

 Senator Adams’ statement: “Providing our families with the information they need to navigate and deal effectively with the educational, financial, vocational, and interpersonal systems in our city is fundamental to empowerment. The purpose of the seminar was to furnish parents with information and support to enable them to build on their children’s strengths and avoid the frequent and challenging pitfalls encountered as children mature.

 “Prospect Heights High School Campus was the site of the annual event, which last year hosted almost 1,000 participants. Workshops provided tools, information, and support, and many community-based organizations made their services available.

 “Empowering our parents, and through them, our children is an essential component to bridging the gaps in our society and enabling all families to make progress from one generation to the next.”